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    Everything to adapt digital transformation with people first mind

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    Sales & Marketing

    Ready for Post-COVID Sales and Mareking?

    We focus on short-term win

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    Can you capture talents?

    Help to creat emplyee and employer brand

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  • Our project style

    Study + Plan + Action + Review

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    Spot sessions

    Need a quick catchup?

    We have more than 15 sessions on our list of courses. It covers from IT beginners to personal branding professionals including a special course for sales teams.

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    6 months project

    Sustainable growth?

    Starting from studying the current situation, find out the fact, set a plan, execution, constant review, analysis and planning.

  • How It Works

    More sales?



    We study your grade of digital transformation by 4 factors

    1. Corporate
    2. Marketing
    3. Sales
    4. Internet





    We propose a plan which covers

    1. Technical issue
    2. Sales follow review
    3. Training
    4. Content creation
    5. Measuring




    We take actions for you and we run a Kaizen circule every month.



    We keep transparency and report with clear messages to share the situation. We are masters of

    1. Do what we can do now
    2. Plan what we can do for later
    3. Adapt the situation
    4. Challenge with purpose
  • Clients

    Thank you so much for your trust

    Fujifilm Spain

    Fujifilm Spain

    Fujifilm Portugal

    Fujifilm Portugal

    ESIC Business Marketing School

    ESIC Business Marketing School

    EAE Business School

    EAE Business School

    Universitat de Vic

    Universitat de VIC

    Bau, Centre Universitari de Disseny

    Bau, Centre Universitari de Disseny

    BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

    Barcelona Executive Business School

    Below Actions


    Laboratory Manufactures Association of Spain

    Lab Mas Spain





    Dojo Waseda

    Dojo Waseda


    Retail Next

  • Posts

    Be sharp!

    Looking for a job?

    Looking for a job? I have been coaching about LinkedIn and this year more than 50 people who received my sessions. And find out a secret of how to find a job. Indeed, it is not a sort of how-to, it is about you. Most of the clients were not sure what they wanted neither what the core value of why they were looking for a job. Then I thought, it'd be better talking about it before getting into LinkedIn brush-up session.


    I offer a 30min LinkedIn Coaching session until the end of May 2020. It may extend due to the corona virus situation  https://lnkd.in/gpNha5P 


    ---Other posts---

    1. What should salespeople do once they are ready their LinkedIn profile? https://lnkd.in/gf6GZNF
    2. Dear Director of Master program https://lnkd.in/gEMKGUj
    3. 10 check-point of LinkedIn profile https://bit.ly/3aCiwb1
    4. LinkedIn secret https://lnkd.in/gPMdQK3
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    This is a post talks about Karate and business. This post has been featured by LinkedIn Japan.

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    Chinese Only

    This is a post talks about how to boost your exhibitions. This post has been featured by LinkedIn China.


    The success of your exhibition defines before the show starts. The preparation is everything to convert your exhibition into a storm of the deal closing. The purpose of being at a fair is mostly to present your product or service. Some people might think that it is party time and other take it more seriously. The aim of this article is for the salespersons who want to make deals and at least generate qualified leads during the show.

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    Japanese Only

    This is one of the best articles on my LinkedIn. Even it is written in Japanese, many non-Japanese speakers were engaged, and of course, I am pleased about it.