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Let's simplify B2B SME digital strategy

Too many advice? What you need is focus

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We know you don't have resources

Let's simplify B2B SME digital strategy. We know you don't have resources and you are an alone fighter in your company. What you need is a clear focus. Don't concentrate on the result as many people do. It will kill you by stress. What we recommend is searching signals, creating positive signs for the result.

So here is the step by step recommendations.

  1. Health check: Find the data from google analytics of your website. Having this data, you have someone covers your back when you propose your idea.
  2. Find your friends: You can not fight alone. Even small help, like clicking a like on a post will be helpful.
  3. Create a rough plan: Think always how are you going to engage the audience. Search the products or services on google, youtube, Linkedin and other social networks you think trustful. Once you get a big picture, you can start thinking.
  4. Brush up a rough plan into todo list: Don't be panic. There are so many items that you've never handled. That is ok! Start from what you can do like tasting wine or a dish before serving.
  5. Do small tests and get feeling: Do short tests and ask support to your friends. Do until reaching a good result
  6. Prepare a good plan: It is time to request a budget. You have data, theory, process, experience and most importantly, the voice from the market. Your success rate is high. So instead of crossing fingers, practice before the presentation day. 10-20 times is a good figure.

The pressure is high when a new challenge starts. No one wants changes because it fears. Your brilliant idea can be seen as a thread instead of a warm welcome. People ask a quick result, and the best strategy is crossing figures until the storm passes and finds bodies, isn't it?

The result-oriented is a common myth in the business and other areas too. However, it is horrible, isn't it? The beauty of the result is built by thoughtful processes. Creating them is the only guarantee that promises sustainable growth.

B2B Strategic Approach SQ AcademyIn Tamotsu Kamata LinkedIn Business Coach

The image shows a part of the B2B Strategic approaches. I didn't include Twitter, but it is the 4th option for our approach. The point and the only focus we need is creating engagements. 3 factors around it are tools, and they might be changed. Do you remember we had MySpace? Where is that now?

The important decision is placing engagement in the centre. You understand well the circle consisted of WEB, LinkedIn and Youtube. The aim of this strategy and any other B2B ones is to get qualified leads by engagements, naturing them, closing deals, upselling and retain them. How can we do it?

Engagement means that you will deal with your audiences. Good news about it is that you will know the market more than anybody in your company. The bad news is that isn't an easy job and you have more tasks rather than "Customer care"

There two way to make this circle works. Starting from a part and then go to the next section is the first option. You have the web, so the next step will be LinkedIn or Youtube. It depends on, basically, the company culture. The 2nd option is to create a small circle, and then later, it gets bigger and bigger. A little bit of LinkedIn and a tiny bit of Youtube. There is no big answer. It is a question of try and error. It is all right if you do not stop moving.

Now you get enough information to start. Moving is the only way to get through this challenge. No one has the answer, and you will find it yourself.

But if you really need help, we may guide you using a methodology based on engagement oriented, Kaizen process and people-first philosophy. Our standard project is for 6 months.

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